Who I Am

Fisher Huntz is a Kansas (US) based mobile escape room company that specializes in personalized games to fit your event perfectly.

There are a few things I provide, one being physical rooms. I supply all the equipment required for the escape and can quickly set up in any room of your choosing (boardrooms, living rooms, classrooms, etc.).

Once everything is set up, you have a specific time limit to work together and escape. With numerous clues to discover, locks to unlock, and puzzles to solve, the escape is a great challenge for everyone!

I provide:

  • Puzzles and problem solving activities
  • Team building for family, friends, and co-workers
  • Customized games for celebrations

This is perfect for corporate events, class test reviews, kids birthdays, staff parties, private events, etc.

I’m also actively working to bring escape room style games to everyone, no matter where you live, through digital games. Some you can print off at home as premade escape rooms, and others you can order through the mail, complete with everything you’d get if you were right here in Kansas! Keep an eye out for updates in the store.

About Me

Amy Fisher is the game master and creator of all the puzzles within Fisher Huntz. She’s loved making word games for years, which evolved into making puzzles for others and eventually locking them up into boxes for everyone to enjoy.

From a very young age, she fell in love with math and memorization, which is key to building a great escape room.

For fun, she’s memorized many things, from the US Presidents to the first 50 digits of pi. She also majored in professional mathematics from Friends University.

While working other jobs, Amy loves filling her free time making puzzles, going on road trips with her husband, and petting the local stray cats.