Digital Escape Room Games

Digital escape rooms, scavenger hunts, and similar games can be played wherever you go. They’re not as immersive as a physical escape room for obvious reasons, but they’re perfect if you need to scratch your puzzle-solving itch right now. Some can even be more challenging than a real escape room.

Christmas Escape Room

Here’s one example of a video-based escape room. All your answers are entered into this form. There are 16 games hidden in this video and in its description.

1950s Valentine – Clickable Puzzle Game

In this one, I need your help opening boxes from the 1950s as a Valentine’s gift to my grandma Jane!

We’re in the process of creating more games in this style, as well as internet-wide scavenger hunts and other digital games. We’re also working on making a master list of the best digital escape rooms from all over the internet, which we’ll list here.

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