Solitaire Hangman


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As in the two-player version of Hangman, the object of this solitaire challenge is to guess a word before being ‘hanged.’

To begin, choose any letter that you think might appear in word 1. Suppose you pick E. Go to the Letter Chart on the other page and find the number listed in row E of Column 1 (because you are working on word 1). The number is 57; you now look in the box number 57 in the Position Chart (to the right of the Letter Chart) and locate the number 9. This means the letter E occurs in the ninth position (and nowhere else) in word 1.

If a letter occurs more than once in a word, the Position Chart will show all its locations. Your goal is to guess the correct word using only 6 wrong guesses, which will be marked by a 0 in the Position Chart. Good luck!


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