Trivia/Brain PowerPoint Game | 40 General Knowledge Questions and Answers


This is a general knowledge themed PowerPoint game based on the British TV quiz show Only Connect. It’s fully premade and ready to go. Play alone or be the host with friends locally or remotely through Zoom or any other remote screen sharing platform.


  • 40 questions and answers
  • Includes sounds, animations, and directions


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Are you a movie buff? Check out that version here!


There’s one PowerPoint document that has all the questions and answers for the quiz built-in. Just open the slideshow with PowerPoint or any other slideshow program, and it will immediately open to the start screen. The slides have a timer countdown and fun animations to make it feel like you’re really playing the quiz show! These are original questions I’ve personally come up with, so even if you’ve watched the game show, you probably won’t see any repeats.

The other file (ANSWER CARDS) is a PDF, which is great if you’re hosting this game with friends. It contains all the answers and some extra details you can provide at the end of each round to educate the players with extra context. There’s also a team scorecard to help you keep track of points for each team.


Like any slideshow, click through the slides to reveal what’s next. You can play alone or with friends. I’ve played games like this one with a group of several people over Zoom, but any video calling platform that supports screen sharing will work.

In my experience, it takes about 45 minutes to get through all the slides.

There are full directions in the slideshow that explain how to play (see the preview images above for a peek).

Here’s a quick overview:

– Round 1: What’s the connection?
12 slides/questions
Identify how the four items are related

– Round 2: Find the sequence
12 slides/questions
Identify the 4th item in the sequence

– Round 3: Missing vowels
16 slides/questions
Identify the word or phrase as quickly as you can despite all the vowels being missing

I’m working on creating other themes, but if you have any specific requests, feel free to contact me.


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