Valentine’s Day Escape Room


Make your loved ones work a little this Valentine’s Day! Send them through 6 Valentine-themed puzzles to lead them to their special gift.


  • Ages: 5+
  • Time to Escape: 20-30 minutes
  • PDF: 16 pages


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It can be difficult to make Valentine’s Day exciting. Sure, you could just hand off a gift, but where’s the fun in that? Setting up a Valentine’s Day escape room in your own home is the perfect way to not only present the item but also to add some excitement to it with a 20-minute hunt that leads them straight to the prize.

This escape room is designed for basically anyone. Maybe you need some help hiding an engagement ring or something a bit more simple like candy. No matter what it is, this at-home, printable escape room will work. There are even different clues for different ages, so you can play with kids or your adult friends and family.

So how does it work? Everything you need to know is in the PDF download above, but here’s an overview:

  1. Gather the supplies. We like to use actual locks and containers, but you can improvise with things like shoeboxes, envelopes, or even a mixing bowl!
  2. Print the PDF and cut where indicated.
  3. Follow the detailed setup instructions.
  4. Have fun watching the suspense build as they look for their gift!

Items from the video:

Remember, you can swap those out for anything at home. Be creative!

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