Rosalia’s List

Hello Rosalia! Here’s the place where you can find all the lists for the Circus Escape Room! Let me know if you have any questions!

List of Items to buy ASAP and Tell Amy when you do

The color of these locks does NOT matter! They just have to be the right type.

  • 1 Regular Combination Lock – Examples shown below
  • 2 5-letter word locks – Examples show below
  • 1 5-symbol Mixed Lock or Letter Combo Lock – Examples shown below

The link should take you to Ace Hardware, and you can check to see if they have any of these in stock. If you can’t find one in the next few days, let me know!

List of Items to Make Yourself

  • Colored Wooden Blocks – 6-8 blocks ranging in size from a soda bottle to a toy car. Preferrable if they can all stand on their own. Each with sanded corners and painted a different color. Each must weigh a different amount than the others.
  • Mirror for the Room – either room is fine
  • Enlarged Word Search with SEL Words – behind glass so students can use dry erase markers on the board to find words
  • Board (Shelf?) and Tiles for the Coping Skills puzzle. Will need 31 tiles minimum, but having some extras isn’t a bad idea.
  • Large Wooden Wheel for the Mannequin to stand in front of. Letters A-F need to be spaced out on the left border, and numbers 1-6 need to be spaced out on the right border. See picture for example.

List of Items to buy on Amazon

Take note of how many of each item to purchase. You need at least 2 4-letter word locks, but everything else you should only need one of. First, check through this list with what you already own, then what you can buy locally, then what can be made (boxes with hasps, perhaps), and then purchase the rest. The earlier you buy these items the better!

  • Installable Hasps x? Only buy these if your set designer can’t make boxes with hasps on his own.

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