22 Best Christmas Escape Room Puzzle Supplies

While it’s not a make-or-break rule to have a great escape room theme, it leaves much to be desired if your escape room doesn’t match what the players are expecting. If you’re building a room around Christmas, it only makes sense to use matching supplies.

Below are some good escape room ideas to have in mind around Christmas. Be sure to also check out my YouTube escape room games here and here.

String of 20 Christmas Lights

With these lights, you can make a 3, 4, or 5-digit code. Plug in the strip and break lights in between your code numbers by spinning the bulb until it goes out.

For a 3-digit code, the numbers need to add to 18; 4-digit codes add to 17; and 5-digit codes add to 16. This accounts for the blank lights separating the numbers.

So, if you want a code to be 6146, you count 6 lights in, break the 7th, count 1, break the 9th, count 4, break the 14th, and have 6 leftover.

  • 3-digit options: 765, 927, 486, etc.
  • 4-digit options: 3527, 6146, 9233, etc.
  • 5-digit options: 41533, 82123, 31552, etc.

4-Letter & 5-Letter Combo Locks

Four and five-letter word locks open up lots of opportunities for a wide variety of games.

I use these, but there are other options out there:

Those are just a few examples of Christmas-related words that work for those locks.

Puzzle Box

It’s an escape room of itself! Barely any setup required. Hide cash or a clue inside to link it to other puzzles.

Easy Jigsaw Puzzle

Put the puzzle together, and then draw on the back of it. The players will need to assemble the whole puzzle to reveal the entire message.

Pair this puzzle with a black light (see below) to increase the difficulty.

Christmas Eve in the Dark (Blacklight Set)

There are loads of neat things you can do with a blacklight. This comes with the pens you need to write a hidden code that only the light can reveal.

Clear Fillable Ornaments

Fill these ornaments with whatever you like. Make the items color-coded or have secret messages. Hang on the Christmas tree to blend in with your decorations until the game begins.

Cute Christmas Boxes

Use these easy-to-make Christmas boxes to hide clues or puzzles. You can pretend to lock them by placing a real padlock on the top, and tell you players to open the lock before the box.

Reindeer Jingle Bell Ornaments

Reindeer Ornaments (12-Pack)

Write the names of the 9 famous reindeer on the backs, and then write 3 other names that are close but not quite (Prowler, Connor, Singer, etc.). Also have numbers on all the reindeer. The 3 outliers can go to a 3-number lock (lowest to highest digits, or alphabetical order of the wrong names).

Little Chubby One 7-inch Educational World Globe

World Globe

Pair this with a directional lock, and make a clue with Santa’s travel directions between countries!

For example, “He starts in Russia, travels to India, then to Egypt, then to South Africa.” This gives you the code Down, Left, Down.

LFS Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Lights

Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Great for any audio clue, and perfect size for a stocking.

Make your players recognize Christmas tunes or figure out the next song lyric. You can also use this for fun background music while they play.

Gnome Christmas Ornaments

Gnome Christmas Ornaments

Give them names (paper and safety pins) and numbers or letters on the back. Provide a logic puzzle that puts them in a particular order based on their hat color and name.

Things like “Jerry and Carl are best friends and are always next to each other, red hats are furthest apart, etc.” Get a number code or word from their final order.

MINIARTIS Desk Bells Set for Kids

Desk Bells for Kids

Have them out or have the players find them throughout the game. Give colors in a certain order meaning they have to play those bells. Make the players recognize the tune. Bonus points for a Christmas song!

Winter Essential Oil Set

These can be used to create a matching game with scents. Drop a scent on paper and have the players find which is which.

Christmas Holiday Poster

Christmas Holiday Poster

There’s a handful of puzzles you can make using the letters of these items.

For example, to have the players arrive at the word SHOW, you could give these coordinates (answers are made up of their first letters): 5th Row 1st Column, 3rd Row 3rd Column, 4th Row 1st Column, and 2nd Row 2nd Column.

The Night Before Christmas Hardcover

The Night Before Christmas Book

You can make a Page Line Word puzzle from any book, but this is a good option for a Christmas-themed escape room.


Holiday Stamps

Make your players count how many there are of each, or make a cipher out of the symbols and create a key for them to read the code.

Clear Lockable Box

Clear Lockable Box

Have the final puzzle or theme be to save the elf on the shelf who’s locked in the box!

Wooden Treasure Box

Wooden Box

Paint the box Christmas themed!

NO L Puzzle With Alphabet

The idea is to give the players every letter of the alphabet except for L, and they should eventually come to the conclusion of No L (NOEL). This word also fits perfects on your standard 4-letter lock.

Scrabble letters work, too. Really, anything that has a full alphabet that you can remove L from.

Interactive Games

For a bit of heart-racing fun, include a couple talent-based activities: