8 Best Specialty Locks for Escape Rooms

Everyone recognizes digit locks and word locks, but I’ve taken it a step further. Below are the top 8 locks you should be using in your escape rooms to stand out.

Da Vinci Code Cryptex

Great for any 6-letter code. The whole alphabet is available on each dial. With a little bit of work, it’s resetable to different codes, and they give you the equipment to do so.

Hide rolled-up clues, keys, or other small items.

Magnetic Padlock

Unique padlock that might confuse your players at first, but it’s always fun to see them finally figure out how it works!

Railroad (Bolt) Lock

Hefty, sturdy, antique lock that unlocks with a nut driver. The handyman in your group will appreciate this one.

Antique Chinese Lock

It’s a very delicate and artistic lock. Its key is interestingly shaped and will throw off your players until they find the lock.

Animal-Shaped Locks

Escape rooms are way more fun when they are themed. So what better way to complete the room than with consistency all the way down to your locks!

There are lots of animal-shaped locks that are perfect for this, such as this owl lock, lion lock, camel lock, turtle lock, and fish lock.

10-Button Lock

Instead of spinning dials or using a key, this lock has you press the correct five buttons. It comes with a code preset that you’ll have to use.

Just remember to hit the switch at the bottom to unlock it.

Antique Skeleton Lock

Hefty shackle that’s a perfect fit for a prison-themed room or anything old-fashioned.

Zodiac Combo Lock

Works the same as your typical locker lock, but with cool Zodiac signs!