“Only Connect” PowerPoint Games

Play Only Connect at home! These are PowerPoint games based on the British TV quiz show Only Connect. There’s a semi-blank template you can change to make your own, a game with mixed questions for general trivia, and themed games (great for teachers!).

Free/Basic: Blank | General Trivia | Math | Science | English

Advanced/More Questions: Movie Trivia | More General Trivia

Every PowerPoint file:

  • Includes audio embedded in the slides.
  • Shows a countdown timer much like the real game.
  • Is fully editable so you can make it work with your own topics.
  • Provides full directions on how to play.
  • Saves as a PPTX (works with PowerPoint and other slideshow programs).
Only Connect blank PowerPoint template

Free Blank Template

This is a template that’s ready for you to edit with your own questions and answers. Copy the slides as many times as you see fit for more questions, depending on your needs.

Free General Trivia Game

This game is ready to go with pre-filled questions and answers. There are 49 general knowledge questions here.

Only Connect math PowerPoint game

Free Math Game (Mini)

Math teachers will love this template! It includes 20 premade math-related questions and answers that you can start playing right after downloading it.

Only Connect science question in PowerPoint game

Free Science Game (Mini)

This Only Connect PowerPoint game covers science. Like the math game, this one has 20 premade questions and answers.

only connect english game

Free English Game (Mini)

Here’s an English version that’s very similar to the above two.

Only Connect movie trivia PowerPoint game

Movie Trivia

Prefer to play Only Connect with images like in the real game? There are 40 questions and answers here that’ll prove difficult even for the biggest movie buffs.

Only Connect general knowledge brain game PowerPoint file

General Knowledge Trivia

This is identical to the movie quiz above, but it’s a bit easier and covers general knowledge.

Tips for Playing Only Connect

Detailed directions are included in every file linked above. You can edit the questions and answers to be whatever you want. And although the real Only Connect game only has 25 questions between these three rounds, you can edit the template so it’s a quick game with just a few questions, or copy the slides to make lots of questions.

The games that have the questions pre-filled can be played alone, just don’t scroll through the slides before you start the slideshow, or you’ll see the answers! To play with friends where you’re the host, I recommend Zoom or Google Meet—any platform that supports video and screen sharing is great.