Escape Room FAQ

What Is an Escape Room?

There are a few types. Traditionally, it’s defined as a physical room that you and your teammates are “locked” in (don’t worry, you can always leave if you really need to!).

The room is full of puzzles that you must make your way through before the timer runs out. The goal is to find the key to the door, locate an unlock code, or uncover something else that satisfies the overall theme and lets you escape.

You can also play online escape rooms and printable escape rooms. These are similar to in-person games, but you instead click through the answers online or print something off to help you find the clues. Escaping these kinds of rooms involve finding a final code.

How Are Your Escape Rooms Different?

Compared to your typical physical escape rooms, mine are different in three ways:

  • Mobile: There isn’t a room that you must visit, but instead the game comes to you. I pack up all the puzzles and bring them to your house, school, business, or other venue. Or, if you’re not local, you can print the directions and set up the game yourself.
  • Personal: While a traditional escape room has a single theme meant for any generic group, mine are built around you, so they’re heavily personalized based on the players and/or the event.
  • Inexpensive: I can keep costs low because I’m not renting a building, making secret passageways, or renovating your room. You’ll still have lots of fun with the unique locks and variety of boxes that challenge you like any other escape room.

How Big Does the Room Need to Be?

Any room is enough. Play in your bedroom, living room, conference room, gymnasium, classroom…you name it. As long as the players can fit in the room, the game can be built.

How Many People Can Be in One Group?

This depends entirely on what you want. Just know that the more people there are, the harder it can be to play. The room size, number of puzzles within the game, and the game length are determined in part by the number of people that will be playing.

A large classroom or basement is fine for 10+ players, but a relatively small living room space is best played with just a handful.

If there are dozens of players, I might discuss splitting the escape room into multiple rounds of the same game. Everyone can still play with the same puzzles, but having two will ensure that everyone has an opportunity to be involved. Plus, the teams can then compete for the best time!

What Do I Need to Do Before You Get Here?

If you’re playing a physical escape room where I come to you, it needs to be clean before I arrive. It’s just one of a few things I ask of you before the game can really get started. With high adrenaline and several people moving around at once to beat the clock, a room free from clutter is the safest way to play.

It’s also important to make sure everyone is there on time. Anyone who shows up after the game starts won’t get the full experience.

In the same vein, please don’t expect the game to start early. For setup purposes, I have to arrive usually around 30 minutes before the game starts.

Also, plan on having your group stay in another area as I set up. It could be in another room or at another event, but either way, I need enough time to prepare without anyone peeking at the games.

Will You Need Help With Anything?

I greatly appreciate any help bringing my boxes into the venue and taking them back out afterward. As for setup before the game starts, there’s a really specific way that everything needs to be ordered for the game to work properly, so feel free to leave that to me.

How Far Do You Travel?

Typically, I prefer games to be no longer than one hour away from where I’m located in Kansas, US. Send me an email letting me know where you’d like to play, and maybe I can work something out. I’ve sent several escape rooms in the mail!

I’ll make exceptions but please know that the price will change accordingly based on transportation and possible overnight costs.

If you’re not in the area, check out my digital and premade games.

Is There an Age Limit?

Escape games are best suited for players 8 and up, but with help from parents/teachers, I can make games for players as young as 4.

Do I Need Prior Knowledge to Play?

My escape rooms are built to fit every experience level. If you’re new to escape rooms, you can request an easier game to be introduced to how it all works. If you’re an expert, I’ll throw in some extra challenges to test your skills.

How Long Does It Last?

This part is up to you. If you’ve scheduled one of my in-person games, you can pick anywhere from a 20-minute escape room to one that lasts an hour. The game length you choose should depend on how much time you have to play, skill level, and age of the players. For example, I recommend 30-45 minute rooms for younger players.

How Much Does It Cost?

The price changes based on the length of the game, the number of players, the distance the venue is from where I’m located, etc.

Contact me for all the details.

How Soon Can I Play?

Digital and printable games are available anytime you are! If you’re looking for an in-person game, I need about a week (sometimes less, depending on complexity) to plan and build it. The sooner you let me know, the quicker I can reserve your date.