15 Best Word Search & Crossword Puzzle Sites

These are my all-time favorite websites to visit for word games. You’ll find word searches, crossword puzzles, and cryptic crossword puzzles.

Free Word Search Sites

Unique Difficulty Levels

  • Easy to expert difficulty. Expert makes you find words without knowing what to look for.
  • Play with numbers instead of words
  • Bing font and no distracting ads.

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Hundreds of Themes

  • Many, many themes. TV shows, movies, animals, celebrities, and others.
  • Lots of customization, like board size, difficulty, upper or lower case letters, if reversed words are allowed, font size, etc.
  • For help, click a word to see it’s starting letter on the board.
  • Download or print the game for offline play.

Big, Unique Words

  • Clean design with an obvious timer as you play.
  • Options for other languages like Spanish, French, German, Polish, and more.
  • Longer and more random words than your typical word search.

Choose the Category and Difficulty

  • Very large font, fun sound effects, and you can change the background.
  • You pick the difficulty (the number of words you need to find).
  • Provides dozens of themed puzzles. Includes auto-solving if you need it, plus a scoreboard.

New Game Every Day

  • Daily free games, your choice of four difficulty levels.
  • Campaign version where you complete games and move on like a video game.
  • Fun themed puzzles, like for holidays, colors, clothes, emotions, art, movies, and natural wonders.

Daily Games With Hints

  • Daily hard puzzle with a meta solution at the end.
  • Provides hints for where letters are or where entire words are hidden.
  • Lets you play past day’s puzzles.

Timed, But Easier Games

  • Difficulty levels up through Expert, but they’re still fairly easy.
  • Includes sound effects and a timer.
  • Few themes, and you see ads before each game.

Free Crossword Puzzle Sites

Play With Friends

  • Fun space cat themes.
  • Play and compete with friends for most words found. Also supports chat.
  • Edit puzzle difficulty and size.

40k Puzzles

  • “World’s largest supply of crossword puzzles.”
  • Show errors, solve letters and whole words.
  • Simple website with 40,000 puzzles.

The Washington Post

  • Daily crossword puzzles from the Washington Post.
  • The same one you’d see in the newspaper.
  • Play with a friend by sharing a link.


  • Easy daily games. Play today’s or a past day’s game.
  • Very direct definitions.
  • Lots of settings you can customize (timer, text size, sound).

Always Fresh Puzzles

  • Many contributors with 15 puzzles added daily.
  • Full screen mode.
  • Can show errors as you play.

Print to Play Offline

  • These are meant to be played on paper.
  • Puzzles are added monthly.
  • Each puzzle is a PDF, so they can also be drawn on if you have the right software.

Free Cryptic Crossword Puzzle Sites

Know how to solve a cryptic crossword? See how good you are with these sites:

Lovatts Puzzles

  • Play any puzzle from the last week, updated daily.
  • Hints are provided that will reveal a whole word or single letter for any clue.

The Globe and Mail Puzzles

  • Puzzles can be printed or played online.
  • Can reveal any letter.
  • Includes a ‘pencil’ to add letters you’re not sure about.