Interactive Christmas Game: Hints and Answers

This page is relevant for this Christmas video!

To reveal a hint or answer, highlight the black box.

Puzzle 1: Trivia Questions

Hint 1: Use the internet to look up the answers!

Hint 2: Krampus is the YULE Lord. The 2nd letter is Y

Answer: Pick AYRHR

Puzzle 2: GLOW Riddle

Hint 1: Count how many of each letter are in the riddle

Hint 2: There are 7 Gs in the riddle. The answer begins with 7

Answer: Pick 7883

Puzzle 3: Symbols

Hint 1: The ciphers are Braille, Morse Code, and Sign Language

Hint 2: Morse code spells out SIX. 6 is the middle number

Answer: Pick 463

Puzzle 4: Finland & Iceland

Hint 1: Open up Google translate and type in Wolf-Octopus-Frog to translate into Finnish and Icelandic

Hint 2: Notice the first letters of the translation give the 3-letter answers

Hint 3: Type in Bicycle-Apple-Ladder-Dice and translate into Finnish and Icelandic

Answer: Pick REST & POTN

Puzzle 5: Christmas Songs

Hint 1: Try looking up the 12 song options and matching the melody to the music

Hint 2: The first song is Up On The Housetop. The first number is 9

Answer: Pick 9 5 11

Puzzle 6: SNL Actor Trivia

Hint 1: The zip code is 14424

Hint 2: The SNL actor is Kristen Wiig

Hint 3: The movie is A Boy Called Christmas

Answer: Pick WORLD

Puzzle 7: #Numbers

Hint 1: These are Hex Codes. Type them into Google to get colors

Hint 2: #000000 is all black, which goes on the black dial in the middle. So the answer has a 0 in the third spot.

Answer: Pick 74069

Puzzle 8: Mirrored Countries

Hint 1: Open up Google Maps and plot each city

Hint 2: Travelling in order, keep track of the directions you move

Answer: Pick RDLDUL

Puzzle 9: Banishing Spell

Hint 1: You want to pick a word that makes sense in the sentence

Hint 2: You want to pick a word that rhymes with GROWS

Answer: Pick OPPOSE